Estonia 2002

Sahlene (right) won the Estonian contest on January 26th, and will sing Runaway for Estonia in Tallinn. She is actually Swedish, and has been backing singer for Ines in the 2000 final amongst other things.

I now have a recording of the contest and will put up all the details soon.

The rest of the page remains unchanged

This list for the contest on 26 January

Ivo Linna sang with Maarja (not the one here!) in Oslo in 1996, and Jaanika sang Estonia's first ill-fated song in 1993 - it didn't get past the pre-selection held in Ljubljana that year.

  1. A Dream - Maarja Kivi - Lyrics: Kärt Tomingas, Music: Raid Liiver

  2. Another Country Song - Wildhearts - Lyrics/Music: Tommy Strike & Mario Kivistik
  3. Can't Stop The Time (So Easily) - Julia Hillens - Lyrics/Music: Peter Ross
  4. Computer-Love - Ivo Linna, Yvette Kadakas, V. Lattu - Lyrics: P. Selis, Music: Peeter Thomson
  5. I'll Never Forget - unknown - Lyrics/Music: Kersti Kuusk
  6. I'm Falling - Jaanika - Lyrics/Music: Kadri
  7. Need A Little Nothing - Gerli Padar - Lyrics/Music: Maki Kolehmainen, Jeanette Olson & Tracy Lipp
  8. Runaway - Sahlene - Lyrics: P. Paulus, I. Laissar & A. Kotkas, Music: J. Hallas
  9. This Is What Love Can Do - Hatuna & Riina Riistop - Lyrics/Music: Peter Ross & Hakan Björklund
  10. What If I Fell - Lea Liitmaa & Jaagup Kreem - Lyrics: William Vesilind & Jaagup Kreem, Music: Elmar Liitmaa

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