Israel 1996

The winning song was Shalom Olam (Hello World) sung by Galit Bell.
Some famous names were among the 12 who contested on February 29th:

  1. Oi oi oi - Off Simches
  2. Eize olam (what a world) - Tamir Tzaini
  3. Alpalm (two thousand) - Izhar Cohen and Alon Zan
  4. Ima, Ima, em (Mother, mother, ma) - Keti Elchay
  5. At havati (you are my love) - Doron Mazar
  6. Al chomotalch (on your walls) - Orit Sharaby
  7. Shalom olam (hello world) - Galit Bell
  8. Laise moi taime - Ilana Avital
  9. Tno yad (Give a hand) - Samir Shokry and Ailet Tasa
  10. Tarlmo t'raiting (Get up the writing)? - Jugy Gabay
  11. Im taamino (If you'll believe) - Nataly Ronit and Varos
  12. Meabed tzora (lost me) - Doron Oren

Report by Adar Openheim:
The Kdam was almost cancelled because of the terrorist attacks at the begining of the week, but it took place as planned. The presentors were Ron Levintal and Tal Man.

Here are the final results in place order, with points scored:

Adar adds:
I am an Eurovision fan myself, and from what I can hear the Israeli song is great. I have no doubt it will get into the contest and maybe even win there.
By the way: Galit Bell, the winner is a soldier in the IDF. she's 23 years old and got a special authorization from the army to perform in the contest.
The reason that Dana International wasn't in the show as planned, was that the writer of the song, Izhar Ashdot, wouldn't let her perform his song in this contest, so she had to cancel her attendance.

Thanks very much, Adar!