Links to other Eurovision sites

If your favourite Eurovision site isn't listed e-mail me, Geoff Harrison at my contact page and I'll add it. Same address if these links are out of date. Record shops are at this page

Some excellent external links (but you're on your own once you're there!):

Martin Bertilsson and Marcus Andersson present Euro-planet - new
These all need checking, but many still work:
BBC official 1999 site Same URL as last year, but a whole new web site
Israel TV Eurovision 1999 Official web site - Promises merchandise, has biographies & lyrics
ESC Radio - run by fans for fans - needs Real Audio player
Selma, the Icelandic 1999 entry -
Croatian TV covers it's Dora competition
Buy the 1999 Croatian song, or the Dora album at CroArt
The Unofficial Belgian Eurovision Homepage - Link updated
La ESCena from Catherine Baker - amusing descriptions of 1998 contest
Deo Grech's site devoted to the Maltese 1999 National Song Contest
Alan Stuart's Excellent ESCMania! - revised link. Alan's site is one of the oldest - from December 1995, predating my site by a month!
Phil Colclough's New Eurovision pages
Melanie Cohl's site - the 1998 Belgium entrant
Peter's ESC 1997-98
Tal Barnéa's Eurovision lyrics page
A Vicky Leandros site (the 1972 winner, still going strong) - different site in German
Another Vicky Leandros site - new site in Dutch/English
Another Vicky Leandros fan site - Link updated
Birmingham's official 1998 site
Nick Deller's excellent 'The Great British Song Contest' site
Malta's 1998 performer, Chaira, - her own web site
Swizerland's 1998 performer, Gunvor, - her own web site
Sweden's 1998 performer, Jill Johnson, - her own web site
Finland's 1998 Eurovision group Edea - their web site
Mrs. Einstein Goes Internet - 1997 Dutch entrants
OGAE Sweden Record Service
Adar Openheim's site devoted to Israel at Eurovision
René van der Drift's website on Eurovision Song Contest winners Brotherhood of Man
Jose Luis Duran - ESC Spanish Eurovison site (in Spanish - English soon!)
The recently launced OGAE(UK) fan club site
Eurosong Magazine
Alp Tuncaci brings us Turkey at Eurovision
NDR Grand Prix team - official German TV web site for the contest
Guildo Horn European Support group
Bajric's web site about Bosnia, with Bosnian & Croatian songs
Rodrigo Ortigão de Oliveira's Portugal at Eurovision site - great use of frames
EuroNet by Chris Melville
Ruben Spaans' Turkish Eurovision page
Trehantiri, the London Greek record shop now on the Web - not just Greek stuff!
Katrina and the waves official site!
Nicole, the 1982 winner (German) site!
Udo Juergens, the 1966 winner (German) site! (in English, right here at udo.htm)
The Wogan Shrine!
Chris Karanikos' Eurovision Junket
OGAE Norway on the Web - sound files and more!
Debbie Scerri page - the 1997 Maltese entrant
J Beaver's General Eurovision pages. Small, but nice.
Jarmo Penttila's Eurovision Statistics page
The Bucks Fizz on Internet site - they won Eurovision!
The popangel site - Eurovision records
Eurovision Network on the web - Eurovision's biggest UK fan club!
OGAE, the World's biggest Eurovision fan club
Greece at Eurovision by Stratos Meimaridis
Cyprus at Eurovision by Martinos Perdikis
The Dutch Eurosong page - OGAE Nederland
Nigel Mall's illustrated look at the 1996 contest
OGAE Austria on the Web
OGAE Denmark on the Web
Eurofans Denmark
OGAE Germany on the Web
Bjorn Again site
Rachel Acheson's Michael Ball fan page
Another Michael Ball fan club site:
Cliff Richard homepage
Olivia Newton-John homepage: