Malta 1996

There was a semifinal on January 27th, and final selection was on January 28th, when song number 9 was selected, sung by 17 year old Miriam Christine Borg.

Miriam Christine Borg

Song 4 was 2nd, with 15 in 3rd place.

  1. Would You Leave Me (Paul Abela/Ray Mahoney) - Renato, Marthese Tanti
  2. Better Luck Next Time (Enzo & Carmen Guzman) - Enzo Guzman
  3. Run To You (Melvin & George Xuereb) - Debbie Xerri
  4. My Butterfly (Paul Zammit Cutajar) - Claudette Pace
  5. Eternal Love (Catherine's Song) (Alfred Rapa) - Alfred Rapa
  6. Reach Out Your Arms (M. Bernadette/Genovese) - Triccas
  7. Summer Again (Freddie Portelli) - Freddie Portelli
  8. Marathon (Make Your World Go Around) (June May/Carm Fenech) - Godwin Lucas & Phylisienne Brincat
  9. In A Woman's Heart (Paul Abela/Alfred Sant) - Miriam Christine Borg
  10. Lasting Visions (Paul Abela/Alfred Sant) - Marita
  11. Waiting For You (Carmel Dalli/Eric Calleja) - Charlie Dalli & Eric Ace
  12. Lover's Song (Dominic Galea/Joe Friggieri) - Manolito
  13. Can I Reach You (Renato Briffa/Ray Mahoney) - Georgina
  14. Say The Words (Jason Cassar/Doris Chetcuti) - Marisa D'Amato
  15. Say You'll Stay (Paul Abela/Doris Chetcuti) - Alexander Schembri
  16. We're Going Places (Carm Fenech) - June May & Joanne Scolaro