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Relive 1998 - part 1

On May 9th 1998, Dana International took the Eurovision trophy for Israel.

Now a year on, it's time to take a look back in pictures at that momentous week in Birmingham when yours truly, Geoff Harrison, was privileged to be there and report on the action.

Please view this in conjunction with the 1998 report, which has more pictures, and the 1998 index page which has another very fine picture of Dana International.

All the photographs seen here (except one) are taken by myself, and any organisation wishing to use them, or any of my pictures on my site, should contact me at my contact page
I would love to see them used commercially

Dana outside the Town Hall

Dana poses at the Town Hall on the Sunday after winning

Guildo Horn surprises Mick Elliott

Marie Line & company

One of the characters of the 1998 show, Guildo Horn, takes time to meet a fan, Mick Elliott

Marie Line and her backing team representing France relax at the Cypriot party held way out of town near Spaghetti Junction

Birmingham had a wonderful press centre whose only real drawback was the area set aside for photo calls. As you can see in the picture below, the background was truly terrible.

We heard many film crews complaining the white boards bleached out their cameras, and I had problems with my digital camera too.

Melanie Cohl

Katarina Hasprova and team

Katarina Hasprova batting for Slovakia. They couldn't afford a party, but Katarina came around with cheese one day. She had chosen her song herself after winning her place.

Young Melanie Cohl singing for Belgium arrives at the National Indoor Arena

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