Slovenia 1996

Slovenia selected song number 10 on February 10th. "Dan najlepsih sanj" (The Day Of The Most Beautiful Dreams) is sung by Regina.


I have now seen the Slovenian final on tape, and can say that the contest was very pleasant, but with no really striking songs.
The winning song is charming, and fairly simple, and Regina has a lovely smile, and looks good on stage.
It has made it to Oslo, despite Drazen's feelings (see report below), but I don't think the song will be highly placed in Oslo. (Geoff Harrison)

Report by Drazen Tatalovic:
I doubt that we shall see "Dan najlepsih sanj" in Oslo! It is nice, sweet, but nothing much. There was one I liked, but not the jury. It was fourth, or fifth. It was "Sama proti vsem" (Alone against all of them). It is a good song, different from the others, but...
Darja Svajger was there, singing Prisluhni mi - that is a really good song. And performance! She sings very good.
Thanks, Drazen

Here is a link to Slovenian TV site with more pictures..