Spain 1999

Lydia from SpainNews on the The Spanish Entry this year from Jose Luis Durán who is webmaster of the ESC Spanish Page:

LYDIA (right, picture kindly supplied by Jose Luis Durán), will sing "No Quiero Escuchar", the song decided this week by the record company (Warner Music Spain)

Lydia has 2 albums in Spain: Lydia (1996), and 100 veces al dia (1998)

Other candidates involved in the project at TVE: Esmeralda, M.O.M, Malú, Irene y Chelo.

Thanks very much for the news Jose!

Visit his web site for more details.

And here's the lyrics (English below the Spanish) from Jon Ander from Bilbao:

Hace tiempo que ocultas la verdad
Te traiciona tu tenue ingenuidad al hablar
¿A quién tratas de engañar?

Vi dos sombras saliendo de un portal
Seguí los pasos, cómplice de la oscuridad
Dura realidad

Sentí morir al verla abrazándote

No, no quiero escuchar
tu voz susurrar que me has querido
Se cual es la verdad, quise confiar
Y me has mentido

Ahora dices que fué una confusión
Sólo celos, fruto de mi imaginación
Partiste mi vida en dos

Sentí morir al verla abrazándote



No quiero escuchar



You've been hiding the truth for a long time
Your tenous naïveté while you're speaking betrays you
Who are you trying to deceive?

I saw two shadows going out of a streetdoor
I followed the paces, accomplice of the darkness
Hard reality

I felt like dying when I saw her taking you in her arms


No, I don't want to listen
to your voice whispering that you've loved me
I know wich the truth is, I wanted to be trusting
and you have lied to me

Now you say that it was a confussion
Only jelousy, fruit of my imagination
You split my life into two

I felt like dying when I saw her taking you in her arms



I don't want to listen