Reise nach Jerusalem!

On Tuesday I took a tour of Jerusalem, and Turkey's Tugba Onal and Spain's Lydia just happened to be on board with their backing vocalists and friends.

Here's Tugba looking over Jerusalem.

Tugba Onal


And this is Lydia also looking over Jerusalem, looking rather different to her stage appearance. She spoke little English but was more than pleased to pose for this shot.

Below, the Western (Wailing) wall which we visited, flanked by the Dome of the Rock Mosque.

Wailing wall, Jerusalem

Harpist for Estonia

Wednesday was another day of tours, and I just happened to find the Estonian party on the bus.

On the left, their pretty harpist protects herself against the strong sun, and on the right, Evelin Samuel prepares to go on the cable car to Masada.

Evelin Samuel