Denmark 2000

Updated 20th February: The Olsen Brothers will sing Et Stjerneskud in Stockholm, after winning the Danish final.

Results & picture of the winners of the Danish Grand Prix

1. Smuk som et stjerneskudd

Olsen Brothers

58 pts

the Olsens

2. Stjernen, der viser vej

Ole Skovhøj

42 pts

3. Uden dig

Sanne Gottlieb

40 pts

4. Mayday Mayday


38 pts

5. Lykkefugl

Trine Gadeberg

22 pts

Hvad så med mig

Charlotte Vigel


Den drømmende by

Johnny Jørgensen



Lotte Lisby


Lov mig du blir’ her



Sig du vil ha mig

Gry Johansen


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Danish Television has announced the ten entries for next year's Danish final, to be held on Feb 19 in Copenhagen.
Here are the songs and composers and now performers.

Peter Nordby Stokholm writes from Denmark: The Danish National Final 2000 will be held in Copenhagen in Denmark on 19th of February 2000 in a great show which will probably be the best and greatest Danish National Final ever.

The Show will be hosted by Michael Carøe and Natasja Crone Back. Michael is a very popular Danish entertainer and Natasja is on the sport in Danish Television - DR1. Besides working on the sport she has also made a great TV show about The New Millenium on 31th of December 1999 from a studio in Copenhagen City.

The show will be held in the heart of Copenhagen in a buildung called the "Cirkusbygningen" which has capacity for almost 4000 spectators. 10 songs will be performed and then the telephone jury will decide the top 5 songs which will then be performed again.

Afterwards the telephone jury plus a team of experts will decide who the winner is.

The winning song will be sung in English at The Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm on 13th of May 2000 in The Globen Arena in Sweden.

Besides what I already have informed you about I can tell you that there will perform great stars in the break between the 10 songs and the top 5 songs. The great stars are still unknown except for one. The one who has already been announced is CHARLOTTE NILSSON from Sweden who of course won the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest. She will of course sing the winning song TAKE ME TO YOUR HEAVEN. I have tickets to the show and I am really looking forward to see/hear Charlotte.

Danish Television expects that about 2.000.000 people which is about 40 % of the population are going to watch the show.

Thanks Peter!


Song Title

Title in English




Et Stjerneskud

A Shooting Star

Jørgen Olsen

Olsen Brothers



Bird Of Happiness

Helge Engelbrecht

Trine Gadeberg


Hva' Så Med Mig

What About Me

Rasmus Schwenger

Charlotte Vigel


Den Drømmende By

The Dreaming City

Morten Kærså & Hans Henrik Koltzå

Johnny Jørgensen




Jan Lysdahl & Jan Klausen

Lotte Lisby


Lov Mig Du Bli'r Her

Promise Me You'll Stay Here

Jørn Hansen & Kristian Løhde



Mayday Mayday

Mayday Mayday

Ivar Lind Greiner & Iben Plesner

Ida Lohmann


Sig Du Vil Ha' Mig

Say That You Want Me

Per Meistrup & Gry Johansen

Gry Johansen


Stjernen Der Viser Vej

The Star Which Shows The Way

Jan Pedersen & Jes Kerstein

Ole Skovhøj


Uden Dig

Without You

Mette Mathiesen & Lise Cabble

Sanne Gottlieb

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