Malta 2000

Claudette PaceUpdated 20th January:

I heard the Maltese final over an excellent Real Audio link, and thoroughly enjoyed the first contest of the season. Eurovision veteran Johnny Logan was interviewed and sang a number of songs, but the main news was the winning song, the latin/calypso-influenced "Desire" written by Phillip Vella and Gerard James Borg, and performed by Claudette Pace (pictured left - picture kindly sent to me by Deo Grech from his Malta at Eurovision site), herself a veteran of the Maltese contest.
Claudette's song was one of those much-fancied by Johnny Logan when he was asked for his favourites. Selection was by televoting and, I think, expert jury.

Hear a 60 second Real Audio G2 clip by clicking on this link. (clip intended as promotional only)

Scores from Deo Grech:
122 Desire - Claudette Pace (latin american)
104 Change of Heart - Fabrizio Faniello (pop)
  93 Our Love - Priscilla (ballad)
  82 The Only One - Paul Giordimaina (ballad)
  74 Only for you - Olivia Lewis (R&B)
  70 Shine - Ira Losco (pop)
  67 Falling in Love - Ira Losco (pop)
  67 Let's try love once more - Alwyn Borg Myatt (pop)
  59 I wanna Love you - Olivia Lewis (up-beat pop)
  57 I have given all to you - Marvic Lewis (mellow soul ballad)
  51 Going Strong - Konrad Pule' (Acoustic rock)
  45 Home-grown tenderness - Cisio (Country-rock)
  40 My friends - Gianni (pop into soft rock)
  39 One Day - Paula (pop)
  33 We can touch the wind - Rita Pace (folk-pop)
  16 Come into my life - Rita Pace (country-pop)

Commentary by Deo Grech in Malta:

ClaudetteThe winning , 'DESIRE', has now flown to Germany's CAP-Sounds for a new Eurovision-Remix. It is assumed that the Latin-American entry will be transformed into a Latin-Pop (a-la Ricky Martin) styled song.
At last, Claudette Pace gets her chance to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest. She has just won the Maltese National Final with a typical 'Gloria Estefan' Latin-American influenced, "Desire".
The well-established Maltese singer will now fly to Germany together with the composer Philip Vella and the lyricist Gerard James Borg. CAP-sounds will do a new version of the song.
It is desired (sorry for the pun!!) that Malta will be represented in the ESC 2000 by a song which is typical of the latest latin hits which are hitting the international charts such as 'Mambo No.5', Iglesias' and Ricky Martin's.
'DESIRE' includes as well a couple of words in Maltese!! Yeah....Malta has never put in the ESC any word in Maltese since 1975's "L-Imhabba". The three phrases included in 'DESIRE' are: 'Dejjem ridtek.....Dejjem xtaqtek.....Lilek Habbejt" which mean "I always wanted you....I always longed for you......You're the One I loved".
Claudette's 'DESIRE' was very much loved by the audience present at the MCC....having people standing and dancing to the American-latin rhythm of the song.
Claudette wore a black suit with red frills. The suit was designed by the lyricist himself, Gerard James Borg. She gave an outstanding performance and was praised by the Eurovision Kid Himself - Johnny Logan, who was present at the MCC. During the radio show - broadcasted live on internet - he picked Claudette's 'Desire' as his top favourite both for the music as well as for her impressive performance. Claudette danced on stage and looked very confident. This contrasted well with the very anxious and really tense new-commers which competed with her.

The latin-American styled 'Desire' had a clear run during the voting (by 7 members of the 'experts' jury) awarding her 20-20-20-04-20-20-18. Five juries awarded her with the maximum votes, one jury awarded her with the second best vote, while just one jury awarded her with only 04 points. 'Desire' managed to beat the classical ballads and the pop songs which were so highly rated previous to the contest. Fabrizio Faniello's pop song ended second while Priscilla's ballad ended third.

Each member of the jury awarded the following votes:


01 vote for the Worst Song of the 16 entries

20 votes for the Best Song of the 16 entries Televoting served only as a competition - predicting the winner. It had NO influence on the final result. Result from televoting will be announced next Tuesday.
Claudette Pace, who runs her own TV company MAX PLUS - broadcasted only in Malta on cable, has already won the hearts of the local music fans who have supported her throughout the past years. She was very close to win the past editions of this song contests especially in 1996 with 'My Butterfly'.

Anyway.....Claudette & Malta......Best of Luck!

P.S. Claudette Pace has studied music and voice both in Italy and Germany. JAZZ music is her passion and she presents the weekly matinee' week-end show 'Fejn hu r-Remote?' (Where is the Remote?) on MAX PLUS during Saturdays and Sundays.

A HUGE party is expected tomorrow during her own show!!!

The full lyrics of 'DESIRE'

  From the first day I saw you
  to the last time we met
  I've desired to hold you ..
  Have you ..
  And make you mine ...

  But to have and to hold
  To love and to grow
  It takes two hears to beat
  To the rhythm of one

  When you push me away
  I taste fear and pain
  Turns my fire to smoke
  with one word, with one stroke

  Deep in my heart
  There's desire to love
  Deep in my soul
  There's desire to grow
  Deep in my smile
  is desire for more
  Deep when we kiss
  A feeling that can't be missed

  Let me live, let me die
  Let me laugh, let me cry
  Let me burn in your fire
  In flames of desire

  Be my river of hope
  My mountain of truth
  Let me colour your life
  With the colour of love

  Dejjem ridtek
  Dejjem xtaqtek
  Lilek habbejt

  Take me up, take me down
  Take me into your arms
  Spin the magic of love
  With one word, with one smile

  My desire runs deep
  And I'm losing sleep
  I wake up to the light ...
  You're the key to my heart

The rest of the page is unchanged:

 Before the result, Deo Grech (seen left with former Maltese Eurovision singers Chiara and Miriam Christine) reports from Malta on the Maltese National Final which is held this weekend. The first night is Friday 14th, with the selection being made Saturday 15th. Below is the list of songs.

The 16 songs were chosen from 224 entries. Finalists were chosen by two sets of expert-juries made-up by a 75% foreigners and 25% locals.

Deo writes: On Friday 14th January, MCC will welcome 'The Maltese Eurovision Stars Concert'. This will replace the usual first night of the Malta Song for Europe. For the first time ever, all the past Maltese Eurovision Song Contest Entry singers will be gathered together to perform the songs with which they represented Malta throughout the past years, since 1971. Special footage from archives as well as some surprises will be included in the show! A Millenium-CD will be issued on the occasion featuring the new studio recording of the past 12 Eurovision entries. This will be available in record stores by Monday 17th January.

Meanwhile, on Saturday 15th January, Malta will hold the Malta Song for Europe 2000 Festival. This will be broadcast live on internet following the ONE Radio link (click on the logo to hear it in Real Audio) at 19:30 GMT (20:30 CET). The CD -compilation containing the 16 songs (including the winner) will be available by Monday 17th January. The winning song will then be re-recorded by CAP Sounds in Germany.

Thanks, Deo!

The list below comes from Deo Grech's excellent web site on the Maltese selections, and I recommend you go there for the latest news.

You can hear the selection live from 1930 GMT on Saturday at this link (Maltese commentary - Real Audio)

Performer names have just been added, plus the late change to song 16 - the previous song has been withdrawn. On Deo's site you can see pictures, and read biographies of those taking part.







Going Strong

Konrad Pule

J.P. Casalletto

Konrad Pule


Let's try love once more

Philip Vella

Philip Vella

Alwyn Borg Myatt 


I wanna love you

Eugenio Schembri

Doris Chetcuti

Olivia Lewis


One Day (a light will shine from here)

Paul Zammit Cutajar & Ronnie Busuttil

Paul Zammit Cutajar



I have given all to you

Eugenio Schembri

Doris Chetcuti

Marvic Lewis


My Friends

Gianni Zammit

Paul Zammit Cutajar

Gianni Zammit


Home grown tenderness

Philip Vella

Alfred C. Sant

Tarcisio Barbara



Philip Vella

Gerard James Borg

Claudette Pace


Coming to my life

Rita Pace

Rita Pace

Rita Pace



Philip Vella

Gerard James Borg

Ira Losco


We can touch the wind

Rita Pace

Rita Pace

Rita Pace


Only for you

Eugenio Schembri

Doris Chetcuti

Olivia Lewis


Our Love

Alfred Zammit

Cynthia Sammut



Change of Heart

Paul Abela 

Georgina Abela

Fabrizio Faniello


Falling in love

Ray Agius

Ray Agius

Ira Losco


The Only One

Paul Giordimaina

Paul Giordimaina & Fleur Balzan

Paul Giordimaina

Deo Grech (Webmaster of Malta at Eurovision) adds comments:

Here are a couple of lines about each entry at this year's Malta Song for Europe. I haven't listened to the songs yet but it seems that this year's battle will be once again between the pop and the ballads. Some surprises from the latin or the rockish ones may be expected too!

According to the survey which is being carried out on my personal Malta song for Europe Site - 56% bet on a ballad while 15% bet on the popish entries. The survey will be close on 15th Jan just before the result.

So here for the information:

My conclusions.....

  1. Lyrics are very much influenced by love-themes.

  2. No duos (ESC72, 91, 94) or trios (ESC99)!! All singers are soloists.
  3. The spanish influence which hit the last month's international charts is going to be present in this year's Maltese National Final.

Fingers crossed for a superb Maltese National Final!

Thanks, Deo. I know Malta will try really hard - they always do!

If you have any more news or comments, please e-mail me, Geoff Harrison, at my contact page and I'll credit your contribution.