Eurovision Song Contest 2000 Previews

As most of you know, every year the organising TV company makes available a series of video clips promoting each song in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Many of these are professional music videos, others are taken from the National final of the country concerned.
Sadly fewer countries show these "previews" than in the past, despite European Broadcasting Union advice that they should be shown to promote the contest, and despite the use of Telephone Voting where some prior viewing of the song might help viewers decide which to vote for.
In Britain, the BBC stopped showing the previews in 1993, and this year Irish TV, RTE, stopped. Both make excuses about lack of time in the schedule, which is total rubbish, and very pathetic as an excuse.
German TV doesn't show them, but the Scandinavians do see them, along with Croatia, Cyprus & Turkey, and I'm sure some others. The version here is from Turkish TV, and is essentially the SVT feed - no presenters, just the videos.

Anyway, as I have had e-mails asking me for a video, and I can't make everyone one in time, I have made 2 Real Media files.
Each is about 5.7Mb, and each takes about 40 minutes to download on a 28.8 Modem.

Geoff, Derek the Dalek, and Chris

That's me, Geoff Harrison (left), with a Dalek & Chris Highton from BBC Radio Leicester on April 30th, 2000. I'd just previewed the upcoming contest in a show from the home of a Doctor Who fan!

They are for Real Player 6 and above (Real Media G2) encoded for 28.8 Modem, so they are hardly hi-fi, or even great television, but it could be your only way of seeing them. To get the Free Player click the logo on the right.

So to download:
part 1 - Israel to Iceland - right click & save target in Internet Explorer
part 2 - Spain to Austria - right click & save target in Internet Explorer

If you just want to play them over the net, just click on these links:
Part 1
Part 2