Israel 2001

The first final proper of the season was on December 28th when Israel chose "Ein Davar" sung by Tal Sundak (right)

You can download a RealVideo clip I made here, and/or a clip of the reprise of all 12 songs here. You'll need to right click/save as, but if you just click it'll play after download to your IE cache. They're in real Media G2 recorded for 56K, and are about 800K each. I'd like to thank Yoni Michaeli for sending me the videotape.

Tal Sundak, The Israeli Entrant for 2001 has a cheesy moment with a backing singer. His song, "Ein Davar" was selected in a TV show on 28 December

Duo Datz at KDAM 2001

The presenters were none other than Duo Datz (left), who represented Israel at the 1991 Eurovision Song contest.