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2001 Eurovision Song Contest,
12th May, Copenhagen, Denmark

Updated May 19th - Estonia wins! | Votes | Previews
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This site is the oldest Eurovision Site on the web, it appeared first in January 1996, and I know it shows its age, but I hope you'll find things to enjoy. Dates of the 2001 National finals (now all passed) are here.

My Reports from Copenhagen appear here!

Yes, "Everybody" performed by Dave Benton & Tanel Padar with 2XL won the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest on May 12th

  1. Everybody - Dave Benton & Tanel Padar (Estonia)

  2. I'll never let you go - Rollo & King (Denmark)
  3. Die for you - Antique (Greece)
  4. Je n'ai que mon âme - Natasha St. Pier (France)
  5. Listen to your heartbeat - Friends (Sweden)

Full scores here, and I have updated my Report From Copenhagen
There'll be more pictures & reports soon. Keep coming back!

Photo (right): The triumphant winners after the Winner's Press Conference Sunday

Estonia's winners

Songlist for this year's contest has now been updated to have ALL the scores, and can be found here.

Disqualified - The eight countries disqualified from the 2002 show due to low placings are Poland, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Portugal, Latvia, Netherlands, & Ireland. The rule change about this is explained below.

Votes - you were asked on this page to contibute your own votes, Eurovision-style.
The results are rather different!:

  1. Slovenia

  2. France
  3. Greece
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Sweden

Thanks to Derek Farquhar for organising and collecting these votes.

Rules - all change - sudden death! (updated 4th May after EBU announcement on this page)
The organisers of the contest, the EBU, have now announced a change to the relegation rules this summer.
Because more countries want to enter the contest than there is room for - the show has to be no more than three hours long - an elaborate set of rules was established that relegated countries out of the contest for one year if their average score over the last five years (not appearances) was low. How low varied depending on the eagerness of other countries to come in.
Four countries who paid more into the show, United Kingdom, Germany, France, & Spain (the 'big four') were always in, as was the previous year's winner.
Anyway, the problem was that some countries never got a chance to avoid relegation - they have to score very highly to boost their 5-year average which might only have 3 appearances. The danger is then they might decide the show isn't for them.
The new system has been tried before. Basically the top scoring 15 nations are qualified for 2002, the 7 who want to come back from previous years are qualified (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Romania and Switzerland). To please the big four (who sometimes score poorly), even if they outside the top 15 they will be in. The amount of countries could vary from 22 to 26 from now on in theory, but it is unlikely all four will score that badly. At least, it means the maths are easier, and we should know on May 12th who is in for 2002!

I have put the Turkish previews into two Real Media G2 56K files. Part 1 (9.49Mb), and Part 2 (8.39Mb). Right click / Save as would be best to download & then play.
If your connection is up to it select the following links to directly play Part 1 or Part 2. TRT sound wasn't perfect, but Real Media hides that! Dutch TV has also put clips up - see below.

Video , Audio files, and official sites
In the songlist table there are links to the official sites of each performer (in the performer column). If you know any I missed - let me know.
Videos of the songs can also be seen at http://www.omroep.nl/nos/songfestival/eurovisie/inleiding.html (this is where the stills are from) in addition to here at the Eurovision Database.
Audio files (mp3 & Real Audio) are available at Phil Colclough's Eurovision Website "OnEurope", or at the excellent Eurobosnia.
Here at the Eurovision Database there's a page on the Israeli 2001 final and video clips.

The official site is now open at http://esc2001.dr.dk with a wide range of merchandise.
The BBC web site is now fully up at http://www.bbc.co.uk/eurovision and I'm flattered to be mentioned
And the people who make the rules about the contest, The European Broadcasting Union, have some hard to find pages with lyrics, etc. at http://www.ebu.ch Follow television links.

As ever, I'd love to hear from you all, but I hope you'll forgive my slow replies - everything is read eventually, I promise.
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