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I've been looking on the web site and found a few Eurovision CDs to recommend. OK, no singles for this year, but some years they've done some (take a look for Anna-Maria Jopek, listed as 'out of stock'), and amazon is a good place to get those foreign CDs we crave so much.

Amazon is based in the United States, but International ordering with your Credit Card is easy, and safe.

I have ordered numerous CDs and books from Amazon, and even with the postage (I use the World Mail option - takes about 10 days to the UK) a CD will still cost less than it would cost in Britain - if you could get it.

Anyway here's some current offerings (prices are subject to change, conversions are approximate):

Once in a red moon

Secret Garden - Songs from a Secret Garden $12.99
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Secret Garden - White Stones $12.99
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Secret Garden - Dawn of a New Century $11.88
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Secret Garden - Once in a Red Moon $12.99
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Secret Garden won the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway in 1995 with the almost wordless "Nocturne", and have since gone onto recording three albums, of which only the first, "Songs from a Secret Garden" has been released in Great Britain. This first album includes 'Nocturne', and it, and the subsequent albums are wonderfully relaxing example of New Age music.

The latest album, "Dawn of a new century", brings more vocals into the mix ("White stones" is entirely instrumental) including that of Karen Matheson, who was part of the French Eurovision Song Contest Entry in 1996.

About $12 each at Amazon - with WorldMail to Europe about $18 - about £12

Gina G

Gina G won the 1996 United Kingdom National Final of the Eurovision Song Contest with "Just a littler bit", and many feel it got a lower plaving that it should have when it appeared in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

Legal battles have kept Gina off the scene for a while now, but here's her album from late 1996.

$13.99 at Amazon - with WorldMail to Europe $19 - about £13

Gina G - Fresh
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Lara Fabian represented Luxembourg in the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest - the contest won by Celine Dion. Lara seems to have always been in Celine's shadow - she moved to French-speaking Canada before returning to Europe a few years ago - but with Celine taking a break, here's Lara's first English-language album.

Released in Spring 2000, and although there are traces of Celine and even Cher in there, the CD is still all Lara Fabian.

$13.99 at Amazon - with WorldMail to Europe $19 - about £13

Lara Fabian
 - Lara Fabian
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Dana International stunned the world with "Diva", which won the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest, and Amazon offers three of Dana's recent CDs:

Each $10.99 at Amazon - with WorldMail to Europe $17.50 - about £12
All three - about $40 (about £26)

Dana International
 - Free
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Story of Eurovision

The Story of of Eurovision - A double CD of Eurovision classics, including some classics like "L'amour Est Bleu" by Vicky from 1967, "Let me be the One" by The Shadows (1975), "Eres Tu" by Mocedades (1973), "Love Isn't Love" by Carola (1983) and plenty more .

40 classic tracks, full track listing here, or go to amazon catalogue page to order.

$17.99 at Amazon, so with WorldMail to Europe about $23 (about £15)

The Story of
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Stars of Europe

Stars of Eurovision - A new double CD of Eurovision classics, including not just recent songs such as Diva by Dana International & Le derneir qui a parle by Amina, but also older classics such as Catherine Ferry's 1,2,3, Poupee de cire, poupee de son by France Gall, and Telegram by Silver Convention.

32 classic tracks go to amazon catalogue page for a full track listing

$21.57 at Amazon, so with WorldMail to Europe about $28.50 (about £18)

Stars of Eurovision
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Lydia's 1998 album

One of this year's artists, Lydia represented Spain in the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem with "No Quiero Escuchar".

That track isn't on this 1998 album, which is her second - the first album from 1996 is entitled 'Lydia', and can be found on Amazon at this link.

She will most probably issue another album after Eurovision with the Spanish entry on it, but here's a chance to hear her earlier work

The 1998 album pictured here is $11.49 at Amazon, the 1996 album $12.57, so with WorldMail to Europe, ordered separately they would be about $18 each, about £12. Together, about $31 (about £21)

Lydia - 100
Veces Al Dia
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Maarja represented Estonia in the 1996 & 1997 Eurovision Song Contests and charmed many with her unique voice.
First in Line is Maarja's first English language album, and the version available here is different to that sold in Europe

This version has four tracks not on the European version, including the fine 'Hide your heart', which Maarja performed at the 1998 Sopot festival, and also includes a version of Hold onto Love, the 1997 Estonian Eurovision Song Contest entry.

$11.67 at Amazon - with WorldMail to Europe $17.62 - about £12

Maarja - First in Line
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Edyta Gorniak represented Poland in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest and almost won with the excellent 'To nie ja'
"Edyta Gorniak" is Edyta's first English language album, which is still not on sale in Great Britain, despite successful singles all over Europe.
"Perfect Moment", the recent UK number one by Martine McCutcheon, was first recorded in this album by Edyta.
The album has many songs written for Edyta, such as the hit 'When you come back to me', a duet with Jose Carreras - 'Hope for us', and there's also a fine version of 'One on One'.

$16.49 at Amazon - with WorldMail to Europe $22.44 - about £15

Edyta Gorniak
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Maybe you can find some other Eurovision artists at Amazon - if so tell me about it

That's all for now - I'm trying to find other Eurovision material. There are other links to private Eurovision dealers on this page. Try them for your rarities.

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