Eurovision Record Suppliers - some pointers

In response to many questions here are some suppliers of discs for Eurofans. In addition to these suppliers, one more suggestion is to contact your local fan club. They will know about suppliers closer to you. Also go to record fairs. 'Record Collector' is a good source of dates for these, and rarities are often to be found.

Please note, I am in no way connected with these, nor am I responsible for their non-delivery, or anything else, blah, blah, get the idea?

In no particular order:

18 January 2005: This page was desperately out of date, so I have temporarily removed most of it to avoid disappointment from non-replies.

Hoping to bring it back fully soon

365-367 Green Lanes
London N4 iDY
tel 0208 802 6530

Trehantiri specialise in Greek records, of all types, and can get the Greek and Cyprus entries of the past, plus some of the Greek compilations that exist (1985 for instance).
The shop is jammed with stuff, but they do mail order.

And before you ask...


There are no commercially available videos of past contests.
However, the fans often have collected old videos, and if you join a fan club, you will find people who can offer you videos of old contests.