Denmark 2002

MaleneMalene Mortensen (right) won the Danish final on February 9th with Vis mig, hvem du er (Tell Me Who You Are) and will be in Tallinn for Denmark. A fine contest.

She appeared later on the Maltese final to sing the song in Danish.

She will perform the song in English for the final.

I have a recording of the contest and will put up all the details soon.

The rest of the page remains unchanged

The line-up for February 9th. (performers not listed here, but I have them now, thanks)

  1. Mon du falder ned? - Lyrics/Music: Rune Braager & Kim Sandberg

  2. Medieshow - Lyrics: Jeanett Debb, Music: Michael Holmberg & Dominic Gale
  3. Alt mellem himmel og jard - Lyrics: Helge Engelbrecht, Music: Tommy Rasmussen
  4. Sommerregn - Lyrics: Niels Drevsholt, Music: Jonas Bengtson
  5. Alle dage er en fredag - Lyrics/Music: Morten Fleck
  6. Vis mig, hvem du er - Lyrics/Music: Michael Ronson
  7. Helt derinde - Lyrics: Tine Bjerggaard, Music: Tine Bjerggaard & Sune Kempf
  8. Aldrig min igen - Lyrics/Music: Nanna Kalinka Bjerke
  9. Det' på tide - Lyrics: Carsten Kolster, Music: Michael Kolster
  10. Som en drøm - Lyrics/Music: Pætur vid Keldu

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