Spain 2002

Operacion Triunfo finalists, Bisbal, Bustamente, & RosaRosa will sing "Europe's Living A Celebration" in Tallinn, a bouncy tune of which only the chorus is in English - so far.

Rebeca Montero writes,"I am a fan from Operacion Triunfo and I just want to inform you that 5 more participants of the show will go to Eurovision with Rosa. They are: David Bisbal, David Bustamante, Geno, Gisela, and Chenoa; they are going to sing the chorus."

The Spanish entrant was taken from Operacion Triunfo (Operation Triumph) - a Big Brother-meets-Popidol type programme broadcast on Mondays on TVE for several months.

The show originally had 16 would-be stars, and they were whittled down over many months to just three.

Your aging webmaster proudly shows off his tin of Chenoa bonbons. There's a tin for each of the original participants of Operacion TriunfoThose three David Bisbal, David Bustamente, & Rosa (above - picture kindly sent in by Javier Cárcamo Llorente) then sang 9 songs (three each) which were over several more shows whittled down to one.

These are the nine with final percentages on their last three songs:


Chenoa & David BisbalI've had more e-mails about Operacion Triunfo than anything else - a massively popular show.

For me, Bisbal's final song "Corazon Latino" was stronger, but Rosa is a tremendous performer, and will surely do her country proud.

Of the 13 others from the show who didn't get to the Spanish final, I must mention Argentine-born Chenoa (4th - pictured left with David Bisbal) who I am sure sure we will hear more from.

Experts in Spanish can check out the Operacion Triunfo website

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