Estonia 1998

Below is the list of songs to be performed in the Estonian final in Talinn on 24th January, taken from the excruciatingly slow Estonian TV web site. There's now a picture on this page, and a RealAudio sound file (link under the song list)
The presenters were Anu Välba and Marko Reikop.The programme started at 2145 local time, finishing at 2315.
Here´s some information about the winner, The Estonian 1998 entry for Eurovision, Mere lapsed, sung by Koit Toome, from Marko:
[Koit Toome]The singer, Koit Toome was also the winner of the official Eurovision public voting here in Estonia this year. He got nearly twice as many votes than the song that received second place at the public voting.
The title of the winning song means "The Children Of The Sea" in Estonian.

Koit Toome is 19 years old, and very popular in Estonia. He gained his fame in a very popular dance duo called Code One, what doesn´t exist anymore. They had a hit, a beautiful ballad called "On küll hilja" in 1996, released just after the Estonian Eurovision final, and everybody thought that if this song had taken part, then... Last year Code One had an Eurovison entry called "Tantsupalavik", they got to the final, but didn´t win.
Koit´s uncle (father´s brother) Indrek Toome was Estonian prime minister 1988-1990.
The composers of the winning song, Maria and Tomi Rahula married each other last year. "Mere lapsed" is one of the first songs they have written together. Maria is 18, Tomi is a few years older.
Maria used to be a member of an extremely popular dance band called Best B4, but now she is a solo artist, the band doesn´t exist anymore. The author of the lyrics is Maria´s father. Maria´s real name is Gyrcelea Ithaka Maria. Tomi´s mother, Lydia Rahula is the conductor of Tallinn Boys Choir, Tomi and Maria have also worked with the choir.
All Koit, Tomi and Maria have studied in the same school - Tallinn Secondary Music School.

Thanks Marko!

The song list (scores from Craig Stoddart)

Mere lapsed - music: Maria and Tomi Rahula, lyrics: Peeter Pruuli; sung by: Koit Toome; (97 pts) -WINNER-
Kristallid - music: Kalle Erm, lyrics: Argo Kasela; sung by: Kaire Vilgats and Lauri Liiv; (47 pts)
Tuulepuuhuulte luule - music: Aivar Joonas, lyrics: Villu Kangur; sung by: Kate;(79 pts) -3rd-
Unistus igavesest päevast - music; Priit Pajusaar, Glen Pilvre, lyrics; K. Sillamaa; sung by: Evelin Samuel; (94 pts) -2nd-
Säravad tähed - music: Ivar Must, lyrics: Villu Olesk; sung by: "Rumal Noorkuu"; (65pts)
Mõni mägi - music and lyrics: Tõnis Mägi: sung by: Tõnis Mägi; (36 pts)
Tagareas - music and lyrics: Lauri Saatpalu; sung by: Siiri Sisask; (53pts)
Viimane valge kuu - music Kaari Sillamaa and Koit Toome, lyrics. Kaari Sillamaa; sung by: Janika Sillamaa;(69 pts)
Maailm kahele - music and lyrics; Sven Lõhmus;sung by: Karl Madis and Mona; (42 pts)
Andesta - music: Priit Pajusaar and Glen Pilvre, lyrics: Kaari Sillamaa; sung by: Evelin Samuel and Ivo Linna (56 pts)

The above picture is cut from an image on the Estonian TV web site, Estonian TV web site.

So Maarja gives this one a miss, but the partner in her duet in the 1996 final in Oslo, Ivo Linna, is taking part. Many of the writers have taken part before.