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1998 Eurovision Song Contest, 9th May, Birmingham, UK


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Viva La Diva!

Dana International

Winner Dana International, Sunday 10th May (Photo ©Geoff Harrison 1998)

My Reports from Birmingham! Just click here for the reports with pictures! The final update of this report is still in my head, but my pictures are now scanned, and the extended report will be here soon.
Dana will be singing "Diva" on the lottery show on BBC-1, 30th May!
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Official sites well worth a look (a new browser window will open):
BBC's Official Site - Full Biographies, and interviews with the presenters and Britain's Imaani - excellent!
European Broadcasting Union Official Site - Counterpart to the BBC site, this has original language lyrics
Birmingham Official Eurovision Site - Nice quizzes, plus the all-important merchandising!
You can still read my 'old' news page from April month at this link.
The Trehantiri record shop e-mails (May 3) "We now have in stock, this years entries for Poland, Switzerland, Malta, Holland, Belgium. Most others are on their way. we also have The Eurovision Companion book in stock."

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