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1999 Eurovision Song Contest,
29th May, Jerusalem, Israel

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2000 Contest Venue:
Swedish TV announced the venue for the 2000 contest on Monday July 5th.
The contest will be held on May 13th at The Globe, Stockholm, as expected. Malmo & Gothenburg were considered. The Globe has its own station on the Stockholm Underground, and is often a venue for pop concerts & ice hockey. It was the venue of the 1989 Swedish Melodifestival. Depending on layout, it can have up to 16,000 seats.
See more about the Globe Arena by clicking here
Pictured above right - Charlotte Nilsson, the singer of the winning song for Sweden, "Take me to your Heaven"
Charlotte's single came out on Arista on 21st June in the UK, on BMG for the rest of Europe. However it does not have the Swedish version, "Tusen och en natt" on it. For that you need the Swedish issue on Mariann records. Trehantiri have it. After charting to No 20, the single fell to No 35 in the UK charts. Charlotte was seen on ZDF Fernsehgarten (German TV) on July 4th. She gave an interview to Swedish Radio in October 1999 which you can play below

Selma's CD came out in Europe at the end of June.
Israeli TV's official site now offers a double CD with 19 of this year's songs on it, plus some multimedia.

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Corinna's CDCorinna May's CD album (right), Free by Dana International, and new compilations are amongst those on offer from Amazon.com through this page

I just want to give a big thanks to all of you who surfed to my site on the day of the contest, and the day after - I had over 6000 hits each day, which has really stunned me!

Charlotte Nilsson, the winner!

Croatia 'punished' for synthesised voices
DorisOn September 24th, the European Broadcasting Union announced that on September 15 the Television Commitee had decided to reduce the votes gained by Croatia in the 1999 contest by 33% because the song, 'Maria Magdalena' used synthesised male backing voices, and no male backing singers were on stage. This means Croatia now scored 79 points, but the European Broadcasting union have now confirmed to me that the placing for Croatia is unchanged for the 1999 contest at 4th. There is no change to those disqualified for 2000 by low scoring. You can see the changes in my 1999 score table.

The rules for 1999 did not expressly forbid the use of synthesised voices, but say that all performers must be on stage. The score reduction will affect Croatia's future chances of disqualification.

The EBU also issued the rules for 2000, which include a number of interesting changes. All the National selections must be completed by 28 February (earlier than before), there will be no more than 23 songs for 2001. No backing vocals or computerized vocals are allowed on the backing track (This rule seems to have applied in 1999 to Croatia - an interesting example of a retroactive rule), and participants are urged to get a written undertaking about the originality of the song (Germany & Bosnia take note).

Charlotte's new singleCharlotte Nilsson speaks out
Charlotte Nilsson, the singer of the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest winning song "Take me to you heaven" was interviewed on Radio Sweden on October 10th. Two songs from her new album were played, one of which is her current single "I write you a love song" (left), a cover version of a Scandinavian hit by model-actress-singer Izabella Scorupco. Charlotte also talked about the dispute over the song and album.
If you missed the interview (which is in English, by the way), click on this link to play the interview in Real Audio.

Snow boarding event shows the size of the ArenaGlobe Arena awaits
I was in Stockholm a few weeks ago and visited the Globe Arena complex - the venue for the 2000 contest. It is only a few steps from the Globen underground station which is about fifteeen minutes from T-Centralen in the city centre.
The picture on the right shows just how big the arena is - this was a snowboarding event.
The area around the Arena is dominated by ugly concrete, and the only hotel close is the Globe Hotel - expensive - and not taking bookings for that week. However its easy to get to Globen from anywhere in Stockholm.
I was given a booklet about the arena which is full of pointless facts like:

In some configurations the Arena can hold up to 16,337 (Bruce Springsteen, 1992).

The Arena has its own web site at http://www.globen.se

Your can read the announcement at this link, and the new rules for 2000 at this link (PDF file)

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