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Relive 1998 - part 2

Alma Lusa

Alma Lusa take part in a photo shoot for a number of Portuguese magazines a few hours before live transmission.

Inês Santos was the lead singer, and in one of her press conferences sang a little of Nothing Compares To U, which she had sung to win the Portuguese Soundmix (Stars in their eyes) show.

This is a fairly rare shot - at no Press Conference did she wear the beautiful stage dress, and only wore it for stage performances.

Gunvor represented Switzerland

Gunvor in that dress - she rehearsed before the Press Conference, and we noticed the dress was transparent - you could see her dark underwear from our seating positions.
This picture doesn't really show this, but this was also the day the news of her nude photo sessions came out - rather bad timing for her.
I really liked 'Lass ihn' and Gunvor was charming & talented, deserving a much more positive outcome than zero points - oh well, the contest never makes much sense if you study it!

Norwegian party

Lars A Fredriksen represented Norway

The Norwegians broke with tradition and held a party in the afternoon in a local pub. This seemed a little odd, as Lars was a confirmed tee-totaller, but he did an excellent set of songs, some gospel-inspired, to show off his talent, if not his dress sense.

Dionysia & Vlado in the post event party

Dana had won, so let's party, and while Dionysia for Greece and Vlado for FY Macedonia improved Balkan relations, the set was being torn down in preparation for the G8 summit - a somewhat smaller affair.

breaking the set

Soon President Bill Clinton was drinking in the pub we'd been in, but I'm sure it was less fun.

Dionysia & Vlado

Dawn Martin singing for Ireland

Still there's always time for another drink, and Dawn Martin was ready to drink it.
At the Irish party on the Thursday night she was seriously drunk, and proved to have a vocabulary well beyond the dictionary.
Still everyone had a good time that night (I well remember seeing Stefan Raab, the German composer, stagger along Broad Street), and now all were going to make the final night of partying last.

Dawn Martin drinking for Ireland

All a distant memory now, but now there's only a few days to the 1999 contest, and who knows just what that will bring. The Eurovision Database will be covering it again, so keep surfing!