Norway 1997

[Tor Endresen]Tor Endresen (seen here) will represent Norway in Dublin with 'San Francisco

Here's all the news on the Norsk Grand Prix 1997 from Morten Thomassen via Tobias Larsson. Additional commentary by Kim Smeby, and final comments on the show as watched live by your editor, Geoff Harrison, over Intelsat 607, are given in italics. Last year's presenter, Tande P (Alf Tande-Pettersen), presented the show.

Here is the list of this year's participants who competed on February 8th to represent Norway in Dublin, with final telephone vote percentages in bold. Below the list I've added a few more comments:

  1. "Min egen superstar" (My own superstar) - MARIANNE ELSTAD OLSEN 11.8%
  2. "So ro lille tull" (Sleep tight little girl) - KIM ANGELA LUIS 14.7%
  3. "Consensus" - GURO HÅVIK 10.6%
  4. "Om du elsket meg" (If you loved me) - PENTHOUSE PLAYBOYS 12.6%
  5. "Venter på deg" (Waiting for you) - GEIR RØNNING 7.0%
  6. "Rolig" (Calm) - BEATE OLSEN 2.9%
  7. "San Francisco" - TOR ENDRESEN 23.0%
  8. "Lys" (Lights) - MANJARI 18.0%

Rather disappointing I thought. We did have OGAE Norway's main man, Kato Hansen, getting a long interview about the fan club, and Rolf Løvland got a bunch of flowers for being Norway's only winning writer (who didn't enter this year). We had a montage of his eight entries to the MGP, 1982, 85, 87, 89, 92, 93, 94, and 1995. Fionnuala Sherry was there to help him perform 'The Rap' from 'Secret Garden's first album, whilst the Norwegians voted by phone. He had dodged a question about his women by comedian Tande-P.

Norway won't win with Tor Endresen's song, I am sure.

Why not revisit last year's Norwegian contest at my attic site.

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