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2003 Eurovision Song Contest,
24th May, Riga, Latvia

May 30th 2003 - Turkey Wins!
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Turkey sensationally won the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest on May 24th with "Everyway that I can" sung by Sertab Erener.

In a nail-biting voting session it was down to the last country voting. Russia, Belgium, and Turkey were all close enough to win, but the telephone votes cast by Slovenia put Turkey's song ahead to win, with Belgium's "Sanomi" sung performed by Urban Trad in second place. Russia's infamous Tatu came third.

Full table of results is here, with the placings here, and an Excel 2000 spreadsheet (zipped) here for those who need more. The placings page also discusses the major changes for next year's show. There's still the full song list with pictures here. The BBC's full voting scores here.

At the other end of the results table there was equal excitement, as up to the votes cast by Estonia, two countries, United Kingdom & Latvia, had no points. Estonia gave Latvia's excellent song "Hello from Mars" (sung by F.L.Y.) its only points, and in the end only the United Kingdom song "Cry Baby", performed by Jemini had no points. This is the UK's first no-pointer, and lowest score ever. With the rule changes there will never be a 26th place again, so Jemini have a place in history.

Some believe the poor score was caused by Britain's part in the Iraq war, but I think it was a poor song, poorly performed. Gemma Abbey sung the first minute of the song off-key. The problem is the UK send amateur performers with amateur songs. We may not have heard of Sertab before but she has been in the business for over 10 years, and the experience shows. She can hold a note even if the equipment fails. It isn't a talent show. You have to have talent to win.

Sertab wins - photo copyright G.Harrison/Eurovision Database 2003

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Tatu's single

Marie N and Renars Kaupers

Its all go for the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest due to be held in Riga, Latvia on May 24th 2003.

The presenters will be last year's winner Marie N and Renars Kaupers (lead singer of Brainstorm - Latvia's 2000 entrant). Latvian TV has an official site at http://www.eurovision.tv

Last year's lower-scoring nations Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Macedonia, & Switzerland bow out for a year to allow back those disqualified in 2001, plus Ukraine, who appear for the first time. There had been plans to have 10 countries sit out 2003 to get more new countries in, but it was felt this was too radical and risky - those countries will have to wait a little longer.

Of course those with an eagle-eye looking a the 2002 score table will wonder why Germany is in - they scored poorly. However Germany is one of the big four (UK, France, Spain, & Germany) who pay more (yes TV companies pay for this!) and so cannot be disqualified. This rule really comes from the 1996 contest where Germany was disqualified and nearly took their ball back for good.

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The eagle-eyed will have noticed this site has not been maintained recently, and is no longer linked from the BBC Eurovision web site (but I forgive you guys!). I've decided this site will no longer be regularly maintained from now on, but please read on.

I'm still a fan of the contest, but have too many other commitments to devote sufficient time to maintaining this site. Its been part of my life since late 1995, but it is time to move on.
I'd like to thank all the contributors, past & present, for all their help and generousity.

The site itself will remain up through the 2003 contest and remains a valuable resource for past contests, particularly those from 1996 to 2002.

I will maintain a table of 2003's songs which will become a score sheet for those of you who need such a thing.
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