1997 Eurovision Song Contest - report from Dublin Pix 2

There are rather too many pictures for my report, so here is part 2 of a picture album of those that didn't get in to the main report!Sebnem Paker

Sebnem Paker, like Maarja, was also at the 1997 contest. You might have thought these two young repeat performers would have a lot in common, but they were never seen together.

Sebnem, this time part of "Group Ethnic" has yet to release an album in Turkey, but the President of Turkey came out to welcome her back from Dublin after Turkey soared to its highest placing ever - third. Big things must surely come for her - maybe next year she help Turkey win!

Turkey on stage

Here is Sebnem Paker on stage in a rehearsal. The stage looks really colourful, but I feel the stage design wasn't right for TV. After all, this looks great, but Sebnem looks like an ant. Still, there were plenty of nice techno-camera long shots to show us the stage!

Three entrantsAt the Cyprus party in a Greek taverna, there was this chance to get a picture of three entrants to the song contest!

Linda Martin (1984, 1992), Constantina (1983), and her sister Hara (1997).

Of course everyone was on the tables a few hours later!

VIPWhats this? Well Hungary's VIP got an extra member for this picture.

Linda Snoej from Mrs Einstein joined three of VIP at the British Press Party at "The Pod". An improvement I thought.