Are you a Eurovision Anorak?

Find out if you qualify to be a Eurovision Song Contest Anorak - the true accolade of any fan!

Here are the answers to the quiz questions:

  1. Which country has won the contest more times than any other?
    Ireland has won 7 times, and is in front on this, and on Guinness
  2. In which year did ABBA win with 'Waterloo'?
    1976 saw the Swedes shoot to fame with 'Dancing Queen', but they won in 1974
  3. What happened to presenter Lill Lindfors after the interval in the 1985 Song Contest?
    Her skirt was pulled away by a nail on the stage set! It was a stunt, but the European Broadcasting Union didn't find it funny. They banned unscripted planned 'mistakes', but unplanned ones still happen!
  4. Celine Dion, all the way from Quebec, was a Eurovision winner before she was an international star. What was the title of the song?
    'Ne partez pas sans moi' won in 1988, but Celine doesn't perform it at her concerts
  5. Julio Inglesias denies he was ever in the Song Contest, but he was. What year did he sing Gwendolyne?
    'Gwendolyne' came 4th in 1970
  6. Vicky Leandros won the 1972 Song Contest with 'Apres Toi', but she came fourth in an earlier contest. When, and what was the song?
    In 1967 she sang 'L'amour est bleu' for Luxembourg. It became more famous as the instrumental 'Love is blue'. She was just called 'Vicky' at the time - she admitted her Greek origins later.

How did you do?
Anything over 3 correct suggests you are a Eurovision Anorak! Go to the fan club information page.
Of course you may have eaten British Beef to forget all these facts, but you are still welcome to browse to find the answers. Maybe you'd like the questions again?
Once you have figured them out I will try to change the questions at the beginning of each month, to make each month have a purpose.