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Apologies - this web site needs an update - but I'll answer the critical questions about the musical 'Elisabeth' (September 1999):

The Vienna production closed in April 1998
The Dresden 'Elisabeth' seems indefinitely postponed - the theatre is still not built
However there is now a German-language version in Essen from March2001. See this page. There is a new version on the German-language cast recording with an extra song.
The Budapest 'Elisabeth' closed in May 1998, and the last performance by the Hungarian cast was at the Szeged Festival in August 1998. However, there were performances in Hungary at Miskoslc
There is a Dutch version of 'Elisabeth' from November 1999 at the Circus Theatre, The Hague. It starred Pia Douwes, who played Elisabeth when the show premiered in Vienna, but she has now moved to the Essen production. Its in Dutch, and closes in July 2001. Tickets are on sale. See their web site at
There was a Swedish version of 'Elisabeth' from the end of September 1999 to early 2000 in Karlstad, Central Sweden. It was performed in Swedish.  See their web site at
The Japanese version still runs, now (April 2001) at the Imperial Theatre.
There was an English version of "I belong to me" by Pia Douwes, but it has long since been deleted. Katarina Witt used it, and I'm told still uses it, to figure skate to.
The Hungarian cast recording is now deleted.