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This site is dedicated to Elisabeth, Empress of Austria (1837-1898)New! New version of the show in Germany - Select Musical > Essen!

Elisabeth as Queen of HungaryInside you will find out about  her remarkable life, about
"Elisabeth" the Austrian musical based on her life, and about some of the movies which have featured "Sisi".

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But why Lucheni?
Why did you murder Empress Elisabeth?
Alla malora!
Answer me, Luigi Lucheni!
Why, why...night after night the same question, for the last hundred years! What for? I'm dead!
I murdered her... because she wanted it..!

So opens the musical 'Elisabeth' which has now finished its run in Vienna, but is currently running in Essen, Germany, and in Scheveningen, Holland.

It tells the story of a tragic, beautiful, but sad woman, who could never be happy. Unlike so many musicals, this story is based, in part, on fact.

The Empress Elisabeth is without doubt one the most famous historical figures in Austria, and I hope to outline her story.

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