Cyprus 2000

Alex Panayi & Christina

February 16th:
Alexandros Panayi & Christina Argyri (left) will sing "Nozima" (I thought) at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm on May 13th, after winning the Cypriot National selection tonight. Stockholm will see Panayi's second appearance for Cyprus - the first was Dublin in 1995 with the highly-regarded "Sti Fotia".

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There will be more details and clips later, but for now, only the scores & placings have been added to the page.

The contest will be held February 16th in Limassol at 1900 UK time. The songs will be in Greek only.
Cybc broadcast the live final on
London Greek Radio (LGR - their website: 103.3FM should simultaneously broadcast the live final (NB Only receivable in Greater London, but seems to have a Real Audio feed)

And a big thanks to Tony Neophytou, Martinos Perdikis and Mario Andrew who sent me details of the Cypriot final.
The text below is more or less entirely from Tony, plus the title in Greek script (now fixed!) and some translations from Martinos.
This will help those of us who'll be watching at 1900 GMT on RIK's satellite service (or Internet feed - see below) on Sirius at 5 deg E.

Hopefully the winning song will fair better in the big final than last year's Cypriot entrant Marlain did last year. The score she got was very disappointing, but the 2000 Cypriot show features Alex Panayi (pictured left), who sang a duet with Marlain in the 1998 Cypriot final, and hopes are high.

Over to Tony:

On Sunday 23 January, Cybc (RIK) publicly announced the 11 finalists that will appear in a televised final on 16 February at NEA LEOFOROS 115 Night Spot in Limassol (not the Monte Caputo!) owned by Aristos Moschovakis the composer of 'Mi Stamatas' from 1993.
Cybc received 58 entries.
A draw took place on Tuesday 25 January, to decide the order of appearance.
The order is as follows:

1. EIMAI AKOMA EDW / Eimai Akoma Edo (I'm Still Here) - 148 points / 3rd
Music & Lyrics: Marina Solonos
Performer: Marina Solonos (Website

2. NA M' AGAPAS / Na M'Agapas (Love Me) - 131 points / 5th
Music: Kyriakos Petousis
Lyrics: Kyriakos Pastides
Performer: Annie (who was in the 1998 Cypriot National Final)

3. FWNES / Fones (Voices) - 87 points / 10th
Music & Lyrics: Thaleia Kounouni
Performer: Maria Amman

4. TRIKUMIA / Trikymia (Tempest) - 93 ponts / 9th
Music: Demetris Mouhtaroudis
Lyrics: Kyriakos Pastides
Performer: Marilia Perikleous & Demetris Mouhtaroudis

5. AN / An (If) - 78 points / 11th
Music & Lyrics: Chrysanthos Chrysanthou
Performer: Chrysanthos Chrysanthou

6. NOMIZA / Nomiza (I Thought) - 225 points / 1st
Music & Lyrics: Alexandros Panayi
Performer: Alexandros Panayi & Christina Argyri

7. ANTIO LOIPON / Addio Loipon (Goodbye Then) - 94 points / 8th
Music & Lyrics: Lefki Stylianou
Performer: Lefki Stylianou

8. STH GH EIRHNH STI GI EIRINI / Sti Gi Eirini (Peace On Earth) - 100 points / 7th
Music: Demetris Constantinou
Lyrics: Niki Spyropoulou
Performer: Antonia (Website

9. PARADEISOS / Paradeisos (Paradise) - 145 points / 4th
Music & Lyrics: Marian Georgiou
Performer: Marian Georgiou (website

10. BOLT / Volt - 122 points - 6th
Music & Lyrics: Giorgos Gavriil
Performer: Giorgos Gavriil (Website

11.KAI AKOMA S' AGAPW / Akoma S'Agapo (And I Love You Still) - 184 points / 2nd
Music: Giorgos Adamou
Lyrics: Giorgos Serdaris
Performer: Charoula Pirta

Charlotte Nilson will be guest star in the Final.

Cybc broadcast the live final on

Constantinos in 1996London Greek Radio (LGR) 103.3FM should simultaneously broadcast the live final (NB Only receivable in Greater London)

Alexandros Panayi took part in 1995 with the brilliant Sti Fotia, and came second, in the 1998 National Final, in a duet with Marlain known as Fterougisma.

Alexandros was to sing with famous Cypriot singer Stella Georgiadou, who has released several successful albums in recent years, but her record company blocked her participation.

Stella a popular artist in Cyprus, has had local success with albums De Fovame and Se Oria Trela. Visit to see pictures and hear a sample of a couple of tracks.
Next to SINGER type Stella Georgiadou once you get there. Visit to listen to the track Tora Mou Milaei (Now he talks to me).

Stella will, however, be part of the interval act, as will BoyBand One (includes Constantinos - pictured right in 1996 - who sang in 1996 for Cyprus, he left a solo career behind and joined forces with the 5-strong band).

(Visit the Eurovision Database page on the 1996 Cypriot final)

NOMIZA, is a ethnic-uptempo tune, reminiscent of Sti Fotia.

Roll on 16 Feb.

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